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Keeping Art Alive With Live Streaming

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Keeping Art Alive With Live Streaming

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Technology is one of the main reasons that many people do not have contact with the arts, and, ironically, it may be that very same thing, through live streaming, that will keep art and the arts alive. Social Media hasn’t changed poetry or art, but it has changed how people consume them.  In the past, you pretty much needed a distribution company in order to find an audience. But with live streaming and social media, artists can publish their work directly to their fans, and even reach wider fan-bases, and take control of their own expression.  Where traditionally, performers were limited to the audiences in attendance, live streaming opens up the performance to anyone in the world who can’t attend. In addition, because of the live nature of an art or poetry show, viewers watching from home get a greater sense of immersion as opposed to watching pre-recorded and edited on-demand video.

Live Streaming enables not only businesses to live stream meetings and medical schools to live stream operations, but also artists, actors, musicians, poets, writers and even teachers to connect with their audience and students, to teach a specific style, technique or to convey experiences, to share and collaborate ideas with others and to get feedback on their work.

Besides dramatic theatre, opera, classical ballet, and Broadway live streaming, poetry, for example, which has always been a form of creative expression, both in the written and spoken word, but also in music, and turns language into art, is also perfect for live streaming.  We all have something of the poet in us, but there is a growing part of the world population who take poetry quite seriously as an art form, and which has become mainstream with rapping, hip-hop, and spoken word poetry.  This marries extremely well with digital media and has helped it reach larger audiences who appreciate it.  Performances can be recorded and posted on it’s own Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV channels, but they can also be live-streamed at no extra cost.  The challenge before was that this was extremely costly.  Not so with ConnectTV.net’s technology.  Live Streaming in connection with your own TV Channel will give you the most potential viewers, but there are other alternatives.

Structured Streaming with ConnectTV.net

Because poetry is all about performance and rhythm, live streaming acts as a perfect outlet for the poets to deliver their work. Using live streaming and social media is an excellent way to bring this and other historic art forms into an increasingly new digital era.

Live streaming an event or performance might have been unattainable before, but there are low-cost and low-tech options for everyone, and connectTV.net is among them, offering low-cost, unlimited video hosting with live streaming.

Video content is everywhere, and streaming an event is now an option for anyone with a smartphone. Whatever has brought you to the idea of using live streaming, and whatever the challenges your event might bring, it’s worth giving it a try. Live streaming represents an excellent opportunity to connect an audience with your work, and the small amount of audience research that has been done so far suggests that watching live streamed theatre generates an enthusiasm to experience a live event rather than replacing it.

Which Option is Best?

There are many different ways to live stream an event, and no single method is likely to be right every time.  Rarely does a live stream go so wrong that the audience gets nothing out of it. Indeed, often the stream will reveal something new about the work, or how the audience can engage with it.  Pretty much all affordable live streaming platforms are integrated, to a greater or lesser extent, with social media platforms. Social media is therefore key to the distribution and targeting of your live output. There is little to be gained from putting out a stream no-one is watching, so it’s important to let your audience know that you’re active and to publicize links with plenty of advance warning.

If you already have a following on one or several of the social media platforms, then using the basic social media platforms of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter-owned Periscope might be for you, but ConnectTV.net offers your own TV-Channel on three networks with a potential reach of millions of viewers, and Live Streaming with unlimited hosting is included.  One thing to remember is that when you reach a higher number of viewers, live streaming costs on YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia go through the roof, as opposed to ConnectTV.net’s fixed package fees.

Don’t forget the rights!

The rights negotiated for the performers on stage are not automatically conferred for use in live streaming and filming for digital platforms (in fact, most of the time, they are not). If you are considering streaming a live performance or event with artists, musicians, performers, music etc. you need to be speaking early on to the live production team to see what rights have been negotiated already and what extension could be possible for live streaming and putting content on digital platforms, especially as many of these platforms will hold the content in perpetuity unless you take it down.  You’re in more control of the use of recordings after live streaming with your own on-demand TV-Channel than with using free social media platforms.

Interested in live streaming? Find out how Artichoke achieved an audience reach of millions through live streaming London 1666, Learn how to take a hit theatrical show and stream it to new audiences with a case study on Complicite’s The Encounter, or read about how Theatre Royal Stratford East live-streamed its Christmas show to hospices and hospitals, to allow patients and their families to enjoy a holiday treat they would otherwise have missed. Imagine what the numbers might have been with their own TV-Channel.

Top tips

  • Choose the right platform for you, based on the type of event, the equipment you’re using and your technical knowledge
  • If you need help to set up the stream, in capturing the performance or in ensuring that the bandwidth is sufficient and working, you can hire in freelance professionals for a day or so to help you on the ground or just advise you: it depends how confident you feel with the process
  • Test everything beforehand, including all devices and software, and the internet connection
  • Have a back-up plan if things go wrong – at least a way to notify and apologize to your audience: monitoring and responding on social media platforms in real time is important
  • Charge all your devices and makes sure you have enough plug points or USB slots to keep them charged
  • Publicize your live stream so that you actually have an audience for all of your hard work and, once you are confident with running the live streams, you can ask relevant partners to promote also



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